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When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146



If you ever loved and lost some enchanted place, you’ll take to heart this gateway graphic tale of a single August evening in 1957
. A boy’s grandmother breaks sad news that his family’s Catskill mountain sanctuary will be drowned by a reservoir project and nothing can stop it.

You’re welcome to accept at face value Oliver Hennessy’s bittersweet lost world, and embrace what fond memories of your own it may engender.

But like life, Willowkill is more complicated than innocent reverie.  Should you choose to follow its links and dive in Willowkill.com, be aware that bad blood and much worse lies beneath this idyllic country property. 

The choice is yours.  Again like life, Willowkill’s secrets will not easily or quickly reveal themselves. It takes time, just like it did when you first suspected your childhood circumstances were not all they initially seemed. So you need not worry too much about playfully wading in these waters.  But should you choose to go deeper still, should you dare to test the depth of Willowkill, be aware.

Its darkness is growing.

And in time, again and again, the shadows will reach far beyond the bottom of Willowkill Reservoir.

Oliver Hennessy & J.D.Murray ©2015





Oliver Hennessy is a retired American print correspondent living with assisted care in Bengaluru, India. Known until recently as Bangalore, the region is considered the center of Indian information technology.

His co-author and childhood friend J.D. Murray is a writer and graphic designer based in New York's Hudson Valley.